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If you catch a leprechaun, he may give you a pot of __
A musical instrument and traditional symbol of Ireland
St. Patrick's Day comes during the Christian season of __
The people of Chicago dye their river __ in celebration
Proclaimed by Congress as Irish American Heritage Month in 1995
The Irish used __ to maintain Celtic traditions during English rule
St. Patrick first went to Ireland as a __, and remained for six years
First celebrated in the new world in __ in 1737
__ beef and cabbage are commonly eaten during celebrations
The capital of Ireland, hosting multi-day celebrations
Most biologists believe there never were any __ in Ireland
Kiss the __ stone to become an eloquent, persuasive speaker
Green gem associated with Ireland
Started in __, but now is a worldwide celebration
Often celebrated with parties or __, especially in larger cities
Wear your green clothes, or you'll get __
Type of poetry associated with Ireland
The "snakes" supposedly driven from Ireland represent __
A three-leafed symbol of Ireland
Mythical Irish small person associated with St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick later returned to Ireland as a __ bringing Christianity
The first parade was in __ __ __ in 1762
St. Patrick was born around 370 AD in Britain in the __ __
St. Patrick's Day happens every year on March __
Traditional salute meaning "Ireland forever"
Disney's 1959 leprechaun intro: "Darby O'Gill and the __ __"
Many Irish immigrants came to the U.S. during the great __ __
Early parades were a show of power in the face of __
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