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Matter can move from one __ to another, like solid to liquid
The temperature at which a solid becomes liquid is the melting __
Something that is amorphous has no defined __
This phase is stable and has a definite shape
Frozen carbon dioxide is commonly known as __ __
A __ is incompressible, but will conform to any container
Dark __ is a theoretical material thought to fill much of the universe
The fourth normal state of matter
The __ point: temperature and pressure allow for 3 states of matter
Compression results in a reduction of __ and raises temperatures
The __ point of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level
Water __ at zero degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Fahrenheit
The only metal that is a liquid at standard temperature and pressure
Surface __ occurs at the liquid/gas phase boundary
Water boils at a lower temperature at high-__ due to lower pressure
__ is when particles of the same substance stick together
The __ point is where matter could be a gas, liquid or supercritical fluid
Snowflakes, diamonds and salt are all types of __
Bose-__ Condensation was first discussed in the 1920s
__ is the most abundant gas in the universe
A __ is a group of atoms bonded together
Honey and syrup are liquids with high __
__ is when a liquid turns into a gas
Solids turn into gasses through a process called __
When a gas cools into a liquid it is called __
Forms of __ like rain, sleet and snow form from condensation
__ keeps food cool by compressing vapor into liquid, which draws heat
A __ fluid can develop at sufficiently high temperature and pressure
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