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The ability to __ injuries quickly is a handy power to have
__ control allows a superhero to control another person's actions
Green Lantern and Sauron got their powers from special __
A __-shifter can change into a person, animal or sometimes an object
Echolocation uses __ waves to locate objects in a room
Petrification turns someone to __ or freezes them in place
One or more of all five __ can be enhanced in superheroes
Some heroes derive their powers from magic __
Teleportation is the ability to __ between two points instantly
Night or x-ray __ are possible superpowers
__ is the ability to move, jump or duck quickly
Having __ body parts allows you to reach much further
Some superheroes can control __ like water, wind or fire
Someone who cannot die is considered __
Super __ can be used to lift heavy objects like cars and buses
He is the probably the most well known superhero who flies
Being able to run for long periods time, means you have good __
The ability to hide or become __ is useful
Many superheroes can control or absorb electricity or __
X-Men get their powers from __ in their genetic make-up
__ is the ability to read someone's mind or share thoughts
Generating a __ __ can provide protection from flying objects
ESP stands for Extra-Sensory __
Many superheroes use advanced __ to supplement their skills
A superhero who comes back to life has been __
__ is the ability to control objects with your mind
A lot of superheroes seem to be __ to bullets
__ is the ability to sense the future - in dreams or as a 'danger sense'
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