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Thank you so very much for creating such wonderful puzzles!!!! They are so much fun to do when I need to take a break!! -Stephanie, PA
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Score meaning zero points
Singles tennis is played on a 78' x 27' __
The __ Cup is an international men's competition
__ is a score of 40-40 and the winner must score two points in a row
Tennis __ is a common injury
A serve that lands out of bounds
A tennis court can be made of __, clay, or concrete or asphalt
Game, set, __
The French Open is played in __ on a clay surface
The speed of a tennis __ can be anywhere from 70 to 150 MPH
To hit a ball with the side of a racket rather than the center
The person who enforces the rules of the match
You can do an overhead smash, drop shot, lob or a __
A __ game is played by four players
Tennis points start at love, __, then thirty, then forty
The ATP World Tour __ 1000 includes nine tournaments
A tennis __ can be made of wood, metal or graphite
A __ game is just one person against another
A __ swing uses the back of the racquet with the hand facing away
A __ swing comes from behind the body while facing forward
If a player has an __ they need one more point to win
The farthest ends of the court are called the __
The __ __ includes Wimbledon and the Australian, French, US Opens
A __ __ watches the boundary lines to see if a ball is in or out
The Australian Open is played in __ on a hard surface
The shape of a tennis court
__ is played in London on a grass surface
A __ __ occurs if the non-serving player scores a game point
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