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Eurycleia, a servant, recognized Odysseus by the __ on his leg
She turned his crew into swine
The Greek word kleos means renown or __
Odysseus' wedding bed can't be moved because of an __ tree post
Odysseus' immortal enemy who tries to keep him from getting home
Odysseus returns to his home dressed as a __
It takes 10 years for Odysseus to finally returns home to __
Amphinomus, a suitor who defended Odysseus, was __
The alias Odysseus uses with Polyphemus the Cyclops
In order to avoid Charybdis, Odysseus sailed closer to __
Odysseus enjoys the __' song by being tied to the mast
Menelaus is King of __ and the husband of Helen
Odysseus was the prisoner and lover of __ for seven years
Odysseus is a 'man of twists and turns' who relies on __, not strength
Odysseus's father
Tiresias is a __ from Thebes who helps Odysseus
__ is the lead suitor for Odysseus' wife's hand
__ is Odysseus' long suffering wife with many suitors
The cyclops Polyphemos, son of __, ate many of Odysseus' men
Eumaeus, a __, gave Odysseus shelter although he didn't recognize him
Odysseus encounters this former king of Myceneae in Hades
Many people - and a goddess - wear __ to deceive others
Melantho, a maid servant was having an affair with this suitor
Nausicaa, Alcinous and Arete are __
Odysseus' son, __, goes to Pylos and Sparta to find his father
The __-__ gave Odysseus' crew food that put them to sleep
Penelope would work on a __ __ to delay suitors, and then undo it
__ is a major theme as Odysseus & others talk about their adventures
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