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Turkey meat is considered more __ than many red meats
Make sure you __ the turkey before trying to prepare it
Traditionally __ or roasted, but frying has become popular lately
Preparing a turkey needs to start __ to allow time for cooking
__ is made from turkey drippings and thickened for use on potatoes
__ or dark meat?
Native __ may have first domesticated turkeys
The skin of a roasted turkey should be a __ or dark brown
After stuffing, __ or skewering the opening shut will hold in the contents
If you call someone a __, you probably disapprove of their behavior
A __ hangs below from the turkey's beak; its snood hangs from the top
Be sure to get a turkey of the right __ or you'll have way too much meat
__ will help keep the skin from burning and provides better color
__ a turkey can be tricky and is easier with an electric knife
The turkey comes with some extra parts like the neck, liver and __
A female is a hen and a male is a tom or __
Adam __ released The Thanksgiving Song in 1993, featuring turkey
Turkeys were named for birds coming from Turkey, but they don't speak __
Served with gravy, __, yams, beans, salads, pies, and other dishes
__ is often baked inside the turkey to absorb juices
A turkey feast is commonly held in the __; it gives you time to recover
This favorite piece of turkey is a bit larger than on a chicken
Even after stuffing yourself, there are usually __
Common brand of turkey found in supermarkets
Turkey meat is common in __, whether it is processed or cut from the bird
Eggs and cheese actually have more of the amino acid __ than turkey
Turkeys are found in the wild but most on the table were __
Turkey is common at __ and Christmas feasts
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