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A __ racing course is usually only a quarter-mile long
__ racing is popular in the Middle East and Australia
Go-__ can be souped up to go as fast as 115 mph
Hydroplane races take place on __ and rivers in the US, Europe & Asia
A biathlon includes cross-country skiing and __ shooting
Long track, short track and marathon __ skating are ice sports
NASCAR governs __ car racing in the US
The America's Cup is the oldest and most prestigious __ race
The __ Marathon has been running since 1897
__ skiing can take place on snow - or on water with one ski
In ancient Greece and Rome this type of vehicular racing was popular
These types of races can be on a track or cross-country
In a __ race, there must always be one foot on the ground
Reaching speeds of over 80 mph, __ or Alpine Skiing can be dangerous
A horse race is measured in __ rather than miles or kilometers
A __ is actually 26.2 miles
The Iditarod is a famous sled dog race from __ to Nome
Breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and __ are 4 styles of swimming
This type of dog is known to chase a rabbit around a track
BMX stands for bicycle __
A __ includes swimming, cycling and running
Indoor cycling on a banked track takes place in a __
Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda have __ racing teams
The US __ __ includes Kentucky Derby, Preakness, & Belmont Stakes
Orienteering is type of race that uses __ skills to complete a course
__ is a cross-country horse race with many obstacles and jumps
First started in 1903, this race lasts 21 days and covers 2,000 miles
All modern __ can trace their pedigrees to three Oriental stallions
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