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Of all the current bills, only the $10 bill's portrait faces __
This president appears on the $50 bill
Paper bills are not made of paper, but cotton and __
Abraham Lincoln is on the $5 bill and on this coin
The Fifty __ Quarters program launched in 1999
Thomas Jefferson, the __ president, is on the $2 bill
"In God We __" has appeared on coins since 1864 and paper since 1957
The Susan B. Anthony dollar commemorates the __ 11 moon landing
Pennies minted after 2009 are 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent __
The __ dollar bill has Andrew Jackson on it
__ nickels were made from 1913 to 1938
Benjamin Franklin was first put on the __ dollar bill in 1914
__ half dollars from 1965-1969 were one of the last coins to contain silver
Before Washington was on the quarter there was Standing __
The fourth president, James __ was on the $5000 bill, 1878-1928
Two bits is an old nickname for a __
Mr. __ on the $10 bill was Secretary of the Treasury, not president
The $500 bill with President __ on it was last printed in 1945
The Lincoln __ is on the back of the $5 bill
The US Mint sells Gold, Silver and __ Eagle coins for collectors
President Nixon dropped the gold __ for the US Dollar in 1971
__ Secretary Salmon P. Chase appeared on the 1934 $10,000 bill
The Winged Liberty or Mercury dime preceded the __ dime
The __ dollar coin has been printed every year since 2000
This president is on the $1 bill and on the quarter
In 1969, Nixon ordered bills larger than $100 to be taken out of __
The John Trumbull painting, "__ of Independence" is now on the $2 bill
__ Hall is on the back of $100 bills
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