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In the Pacific Northwest a geoduck is a giant __
__ legs are served with butter and a nutcracker
__ are large fish that commercially caught and canned for food
Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
The largest carnivorous fish is the great white __
Sailors claiming to see a "kraken" might have really seen a giant __
__ fish use their large fins to glide above the water
Fish with pink meat that can be grilled as steaks
Crustacean cocktail, regular or jumbo
Blue, gray, humpback, sperm, or killer (orca) varieties
Bottom-dwelling flatfish with white meat best served with butter
__ used to be so common in the Northeast that people would refuse it
The __ is a predatory mollusk with eight strong arms
Not a clam, but it may have a pearl for you
__ are actually mammals and have a horizontal tail
__-__ is a common game fish in Hawaii and served worldwide
Common seafood bivalve with a shell it can clap to propel itself
If you were about a half inch tall, maybe you could ride a __ __
Slow-movers with five or more arms that search the bottom for clams
Disney's Nemo was a __ like his dad
The Portuguese man o' war is a __ that is poisonous
Small bottom dweller that rolls into a spiny ball when threatened
Swimming with a breathing tube that lets your face stay in the water
Game fish with a long nose that can weigh hundreds of pounds
__ are sunken vessels that make for great underwater exploration
Man-made submersibles for research or military use
The __ __ reef in Australia is 1200 miles long
Like hunting underwater, but the bullets are much longer
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