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Rattlesnake can be found served __ in the Southwestern U.S.
Guava is a __ that is native to Central and South America
Orzo is rice-shaped __ used in soups or as a side dish
Pine nuts are seeds from pine __ used to flavor foods
The pomelo from Asia is the largest __ fruit
Anchovies have a strong flavor due to the __ process used
Leeks are related to onions and __ and are used similarly
Cuy, or __ pig, is eaten in South America but don’t tell the kids
__ is a dip or spread made from mashed chickpeas and flavorings
Daikon is a large Asian __ with crunchy texture
Millet is grown from small-seeded __ and used as cereal
Surstromming is smelly, canned, fermented __ eaten in Sweden
Almond milk is made from ground almonds and contains no __
Nori is __ that is used to contain the rice and fish in sushi
Corn dogs are an __ invention that would confuse outsiders
Tofu is __ __ that is made from coagulated soy milk
Rhubarb stalks can be cooked and sweetened for pies and __
Chickpeas or __ beans are legumes from the Middle East and Asia
Nutella is a chocolate-flavored __ spread
__ is a Scandinavian fish dish prepared with lye
Rocky __ oysters do not come from any kind of seafood
Couscous is steamed __ wheat grains, originally from N. Africa
Grits are made from ground corn and found in the __ U.S.
Edamame are immature __ that are steamed while still in the pod
Marmite and its Australian cousin __ are made from yeast extract
__ is like a jam, but includes the peel of the fruit
These insects are common and eaten in many parts of the world.
Quinoa is a grain from __ __ that is high in protein
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