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Clouds in contact with the ground
Sizes: pea, marble, golf ball, tennis ball, or larger
Water vapor that condenses and falls as liquid precipitation
Ice crystals formed during precipitation in freezing temperatures
A chinook is a warm, dry wind, especially from the __ Mountains
Unstable atmosphere usually with high winds and precipitation
Breeze, gale, zephyr, and squall are names for __
White, wispy, high altitude clouds
Visible water vapor in the atmosphere
Weather is greatly affected by the __ or time of the year
A storm system rotating about an area of low pressure
Heavy seasonal winds bringing heavy rain to southern Asia
Loud sound following a lightning flash
A funnel-shaped vortex of high winds common in the Central U.S.
The name for a hurricane that occurs in the western Pacific Ocean
A winter storm system with blowing snow and low visibility
Check the __ to see if it will rain tomorrow
It's not the heat, it's the __
Weather event with rain freezing upon contact with the ground
Areas of high __ tend to provide fair weather by diverting storms
A tropical cyclone with sustained winds over 74 mph
Narrow, high altitude westerly wind affecting weather patterns
Flash of light emitted when atmospheric electricity is discharged
Device for measuring the amount of precipitation that has fallen
The protective layer of gases that covers the earth's surface
Type of thunderstorm clouds rising to altitudes of 50,000 feet
The leading edge of an advancing storm system
Term for a scientist who studies the weather
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