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1950s One Hit Wonders!                            Mickey and Sylvia!

#1 in the Fifties!                                            Elvis, Pat Boone and others!

1960s One Hit Wonders!                            The Hippy Hippy Shake…

#1 in the Sixties!                                          Chubby Checker and Aretha Franklin!

1970s One Hit Wonders!                            Hot Child in the City!

#1 in the Seventies!                                    Neil Diamond, Elton John and the Eagles!

1980s One Hit Wonders!                            Bobby McFerrin and Falco!

#1 in the Eighties!                                       Queen, Madonna, and the Bangles!

’80s and ’90s Metal!                                   AC/DC, Guns ‘N’ Roses and Van Halen!

1990s One Hit Wonders!                            Duncan Sheik, Marc Cohn, and the Proclaimers!

#1 in the Nineties!                                      Celine Dion and Janet Jackson!

The Groups Part 1!                                     Duran Duran, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more!

The Groups Part 2!                                     The Beatles, Bee Gees and more!

The Groups Part 3!                                     U2, Bon Jovi, and Metallica!

2002 Music!                                                 A pop music challenge!

2003 Music!                                                 Top hits of 2003!

2004 Music!                                                 The top hits of the year!

2005 Music!                                                 Audio Entertainment!

2006 Music!                                                Big Stars with Big Hits!

2007 Music!                                                 A year of hits and reunions!

2008 Music!                                                Hits and collaborations!

2009 Music!                                               More Top Hits!

2010 Music!                                                More Hits!

2011 Music!                                               Even More Hits!

2012 Music!                                               From Katy Perry to Gangnam Style!

2013 Music!                                               The Year of the Harlem Shake!

2014 Music!                                               Hit songs of 2014!

All In The Family!                                       Songs with parents or siblings in the title!

“And The” Bands!                                      Bands with “and the” in their names!

Before Their Time!                                    Artists who died too young.

Boy Bands!                                                  The girls go crazy for them!

Boy Songs!                                                 Songs and artists with “boy” in their titles!

Canadian Musicians!                                One of Canada’s exports!

Car Songs!                                                  Songs about cars!

Children’s Songs! Part 1                           Keeping the little ones entertained!

Children’s Songs! Part 2                          More songs for the little ones!

Color Songs!                                               Songs and artists with colors in their titles!

Concerts and Tours!                                Entertaining the Masses!

Country-Pop Crossovers!                        Stars of both genres!

Days and Months Songs!                        Songs with days and months in their title!

Disco!                                                           Shake your groove thing…

Drummers!                                                 We got the beat!

Fad Songs!                                                 Songs crazy enough the catch on…

Female Solo Artists!                                Women who broke out on their own!

Folk Songs!                                               Classics and old standards!

Girl Groups!                                               Bands featuring only women!

Girl Songs!                                                 Songs about women!

Good and Bad Songs!                             Songs with good and bad in the title!

Grunge!                                                      Born in the Nineties!

Guitarists!                                                  And on lead guitar…

Hair Bands!                                               Eighties Pop and Metal!

Happy Songs!                                           Songs to make you smile!

Lead Singers!                                            Screamin’ for a livin’

Male Solo Artists!                                    Making a name for themselves!

Men in Songs!                                          Songs with men’s names in the title!

Millennium Rock!                                    Songs that were popular in the 2000’s!

Movie Songs!                                           Songs from famous movies!

Multi-talented!                                         Artists who can sing, act, and more!

Odd Group Names!                                Where did they come up with these?

On Their Own!                                         Artists with successful solo careers!

Power Ballads!                                        Love songs with some bite!

Protest Songs!                                       Songs that challenge the status quo!

Radio Formats!                                      So many things to listen to!

Radio Programs!                                   Classic Shows and Modern Syndication!

Rap Artists!                                            The history of rap!

Real Names!                                           Some of the most famous names aren’t real!

Rhythm and Blues!                               Singers with soul!

Roots of Metal!                                      Pioneers of hard rock!

Singer Songwriters!                             Sing what you wrote!

Story Songs!                                          Songs that tell a story!

Summer Songs!                                    Beat the summertime blues!

U.S. Places in Songs!                          Songs that reference American cities!

Wedding Songs!                                   Songs for the wedding reception!

Women in Songs!                                Is there a better song subject?

World Places in Songs!                       From Russia to Argentina!