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Clue Search Puzzle is the ONLY word puzzle that combines all the fun from crossword puzzles, word searches and trivia games. Answer the trivia questions, solve the crossword, find the answers in the word search puzzles to unlock the hidden message.

With over 700 of Clue Search Puzzles for you to download, print and solve for free, you are guaranteed to have hours of fun. The puzzles are divided to 24 categories for easier selection. Categories like: music, movies, nature and many more. You can find your favorite category below or search the archive. If you are looking for the solutions, click here.

Fun? Sure! But also educational. Our unique puzzles are used by many teachers all over the world. You stimulate your brain, learn a few new things and rewarded with the hidden message.

New Addition

Almost everyone heard about Sudoku. But did you know there are over 25 different types of Sudoku? Did you hear about Tripod Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Kropki Sudoku and others? 

Check out our new addition to Clue Search Puzzles, Sudoku puzzles. With over 3,000 Sudoku puzzles, over two dozen different types and multiple level of difficulty including many for free.

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romantic movies trivia quiz

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