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African-American Leaders!                   February is Black History Month!

African-American Women!                    So many accomplishments!

Andrew Jackson!                                    Seventh President of the U.S.

Civil Rights Leaders!                               Changing perceptions!

Civil Rights Movement!                          Civil Rights Movement!

Colonial Founders!                                  George Washington, Ben Franklin and more!

George Washington!                               Celebrating the first president!

Ghost Towns!                                          Empty towns with history!

Historic Homes!                                       Where influential people lived!

James Madison!                                      Fourth President of the U.S.!

James Monroe!                                        Fifth President of the U.S.!

JFK Assassination!                                 An American Tragedy!

John Adams!                                            The second president of the U.S.!

John F. Kennedy!                                     The thirty-fifth president of the U.S.!

John Quincy Adams!                              Sixth President of the U.S.!

Martin Van Buren!                                   Eighth President of the U.S.!

National Historic Places! Part 1           Part of American History!

National Historic Places! Part 2          More American History!

New World Explorers!                            Magellan, Columbus, and others!

Presidential Homes!                               Where U.S. Presidents lived!

Presidents!                                               Test your presidential knowledge!

State Name Origins!                               Where did we get those names?

Thomas Jefferson!                                 One of the Founding Fathers!