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Breakfast!                                         Good Morning!

Candy!                                                Everyone has a sweet tooth!

Carbonated Drinks!                         Some say “soda”, some say “pop”

Cheesecake!                                      One of the most decadent desserts!

Chewing Gum!                                  The flavor fades but we keep chewing…

Chicken Dishes!                               The whole world prepares it differently!

Chocolate!                                         America’s favorite treat!

Coffee!                                               Where would we be without it!

Culinary Arts!                                   Everything having to do with food preparation!

Dairy!                                                  The cream of the cow!

Desserts!                                           The sweeter things in life!

Doughnuts!                                       Bring some for the office!

Egg Dishes!                                       So many was to use eggs!

Fast Food!                                        When you just don’t want to cook!

Frozen Foods!                                 What’s in your freezer?

Fruits!                                                Not just apples and oranges!

Herbs and Spices!                          Great Flavorings!

Ice Cream!                                        So many flavors!

On The Farm!                                  Keeping the people fed!

Outdoor Cooking!                          Time for a barbecue!

Pasta Dishes!                                 Oodles of Noodles!

Pizza!                                               How do you like yours?

Pork!                                                The Whole Hog!

Refreshments!                              Would you like something to drink?

Restaurants!                                 Great for Eating Out!

Sandwiches!                                 Break out the bread!

Turkey!                                           Gobble Gobble!

Unusual Foods!                           Have you tried this?

Vegetables!                                  What’s planted in your garden?